Best window lighting, A LED track lighting can be done! ——led Track lights for business windows

The window is a small part of the store area, but it is a big part of the store image. It can be said that the design of the window directly determines the grade of the store.

However, in the window lighting, there is a big problem that is plaguing the owner. Due to the season change, it is necessary to frequently change the display in the window, and the lighting needs to be frequently debugged according to the display of the window, which is very cumbersome.

So, is there a lamp that can flexibly meet the seasonal display in the window and reduce a lot of debugging work?

Of course!

Next, we recommend a spotlight that is comprehensively evaluated by Guangzhou Best Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and is suitable for multi-angle applications of window lighting.

The led Track lighting of the window, a spotlight solution!

 Evaluation brand 

1, light type

The SW-LS608T Track elliptical lens version has excellent performance on the front spot. The track lamp is 2m away from the wall, the center illumination is 770 lx, the spot is retreating well, and the light color is comfortable and soft.

▲Oval flares, mainly used in the window, to make the most of the light.

Adjust the direction of the lens in the fixture to adjust the direction of the light:

In both directions, the beam has a distinct width and narrowness.

In practical applications, the performance of this spotlight is also very satisfactory. A luminaire can directly illuminate the spot size of 2.6m*1.2m, which can fully satisfy the range of two models in the window. Generally, a wide beam is used. The luminaires need higher power to achieve the current effect, and the greater the power, the larger the spot formed by the wall surface, which is not only unsightly, but also reduces the consumer’s attraction to the item and reduces the desire for consumption.

If it is a single piece of clothing, you can change the direction of the lens to achieve the key lighting effect of a single piece of clothing:

led window lights

2, light color

At the same time, the track light color quality of this lamp is also worthy of praise. After measuring the passport, the spotlight sent by the detector is very eye-catching in terms of stroboscopic, color rendering index and color tolerance.

The measurement results are:

Correlated color temperature 2885K, Duv-0.00666;

Color rendering index 94, R9=75;

The strobe depth is 1%.

Excellent track lighting color quality, Duv 0.0067, far from BBL, obviously biased to red,suitable for red, yellow tone products.

3, heat dissipation

It is worth mentioning that the stability of this lamp is also very good. In the “half hour heat test”, the track lamp body has risen by 24 °C from the initial temperature, and the temperature fluctuation belongs to the normal range.

led lights for business windows is very good

In the half-hour illuminance measurement, the illuminance of the luminaire changes only by 3%, and the illuminance change of the luminaire belongs to the normal range, indicating that the luminaire has good heat dissipation.

4, application scenarios

Ranzi’s spotlight is very suitable for use in the window track lighting of clothing stores. By adjusting the lens direction, it can meet the key lighting of a single model, and can also meet the uniform illumination of two or three models, so that the window display is more stereoscopic. vitality.

A lamp solves the illumination of the two beams, and it is not necessary to select two beam angle lamps: wide + narrow + wide:

After understanding and testing, this luminaire is designed for window models, making full use of track light and no dark areas. The light color parameters are excellent and adapt to the needs of a wide variety of lighting scenarios.Compared with the general track spotlights, the glare is not serious, no stroboscopic, and the heat dissipation is good.

In general, the luminaire is excellent, the only regret is that the installation adjustment will have a great sense of damping.

After a comprehensive evaluation by the Cloud Zhiguang Lighting Application Research Center (LARC), the lamp reached the “ recommended ” level.

Small tips: How to avoid the aquarium effect?

Fish tank effect: It means that all the transparency is very high. No matter from which angle, the inside situation is clear. The fish tank effect is common in the window of the daytime street shop.

Solution: The aquarium effect is caused by the natural light during the day, and the illumination difference between the window glass and the outdoor is too large. In order to avoid this, the illumination in the window during the day is preferably not less than 10%-20% of the illumination outside the window.

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