Guangzhou BEST New product mini track lighting(BST-TL-mini) has a good record in 2019

The great military parade that I have just seen is still unfinished. The three armed forces are bright and swords, and the patriotic sentiments that everyone has ignited are unprecedentedly high. Forty-one weapons, including the Red Arrow-10 anti-tank missile, the J-10C fighter, and the J-16 fighter, were unveiled for the first time at the military parade, which greatly shocked the Chinese people and the world.

For enterprises, the product is a company’s firearms and ammunition, and the weapon can only be improved in order to be in an invincible position in the turbulent market environment. A country still uses advanced weapons and a sophisticated army to demonstrate its national prestige. Companies also need products to show their strength.

According to the current industry development trend and market demand, guangzhou BEST  launched 13 new products in 2019. The main product we are talking about today is the high-value “MINI track lighting”:

wall track lighting

1, model: BST-TL-miniA, BST-TL-miniB, BST-TL-miniC, BST-TL-miniC01, BST-TL-miniD
2, power: 7W, 12W, 20w 30W 40W3, color temperature: 2700K/3000K/3500K/4000K4, beam angle: 12 ° / 24 ° / 36 °; 10 ° – 50 °5, installation method: three-wire rail type, ceiling type

MINI track lighting are widely used in restaurants, boutiques, book bars, galleries, etc. due to their exquisite appearance, high index, multi-beam angle, dimming, easy adjustment and other product performances. region.Beijing Sidon won the “Dadi Theater” project (the top three in the theater) with  mini track lighting products;Guangzhou BEST won the local famous chain restaurant “Bannu Hot Pot” and a series of hotels, model rooms and sales department projects through mini track lighting;The Shenzhen family’s blessings use BST-TL-C01 to attack the restaurant chain. Currently, they have won a series of food and beverage chain projects such as GAGA Fresh, Hi Tea, Fish Finder, Yunwei, Le Caesar, Lucai Salad, and Yuanqi Sushi.(Of course, there are more projects to be counted, and more new sample projects are welcome to be provided to the owner bowl)

Earth theater
Do you think that all of the above are all used? In fact, when Guangzhou BEST family promoted new products, they expanded the sales channels of new products to the maximum extent:The above lists so many engineering cases, then what are the unique insights of these sharing guests when promoting the mini track lighting?

The track lighting currently uses a lot of commercial chain stores, with chain catering. Most of them can learn from the experience of the former when they encounter similar projects.
New product improvement advice
During the interview, the guests put forward some suggestions for improvement according to the needs of their own promotion process. For example, it is recommended to add dimmable products, increase the power of 15W, and increase the cellular net and fabric optical accessories.

If you have good suggestions for product improvement, product promotion, or new product model information, please leave a message!

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