How to choose the led right light when decorating

When decorating, the lamps are used as lighting tools, and the types are also very different. The functions are also different. When purchasing, pay attention to the quality and appearance of the lamps, and also understand what kind of occasions different lamps are suitable for.

The led linear trunking system is a high-end decorative lighting that hangs on the ceiling of the room. In principle, whether it is a metal chain or a wire, the lamps in the fishing state are collectively referred to as The led linear lights led trunking system lighting

The downlight is a luminaire with a screw base that can be directly fitted with incandescent or energy-saving lamps. A downlight is a type of lighting fixture that is embedded in the ceiling and is light-emitting. The downlight is a scattered light source, which is mostly used to render the atmosphere. It is mostly used for aisle, bathroom and ceiling molding.

Spotlights are typical headless lights, modern genre lighting of a fixed size, which can create an indoor lighting atmosphere. If a row of small spotlights is combined, the light can change into a wonderful pattern. Since the small spotlights can freely change the angle, the effect of the combined lighting is also ever-changing. The lighting line is soft and graceful, and it can also be partially lit to enhance the atmosphere.

Wall lights are auxiliary lighting fixtures that are mounted on indoor walls. The power of the bulb is about 15-40 watts. The light is light and harmonious, and the environment can be elegantly and richly decorated. Common ceiling lamps, color wall lamps, bedside wall lamps, mirror front wall lamps, etc.

The lamp strip refers to the LED lamp which is soldered on the copper wire or the strip flexible circuit board by a special processing technology, and then connected to the power source for illumination, and is named after a light band when it emits light.

The LED line lamp is the LED wall lamp series aluminum lamp body, and the lamps can be installed in single or multiple combinations. Suitable for all kinds of buildings, indoor or outdoor partial or contour lighting.

As the name suggests, ceiling lamps are directly attached to the ceiling of the ceiling and are also the main lights.

Some attention elements of the final luminaire

1. Lighting should play a finishing touch in the room. Too complicated shapes and too complicated colors are not suitable for designing simple rooms.

2, most people have experienced the replacement of the ceiling light bulbs: stepping on the table, stepping on the chair, heading 90 degrees, raising his arms too far to the ceiling of 2.5 meters or even higher. When choosing a luminaire, it is important to consider replacing the lamp.

3, safety is always the most important, you can ask the sales staff to present the relevant quality inspection report when buying the lights! Note that in general, the bathroom should be waterproof and anti-fog.

4, for the common people, energy saving = saving money, saving your use costs.Therefore, it is best to choose LED lights and energy-saving light sources among the selected lightings.

5. In addition to lighting factors, the material used to make the luminaire is also a key factor, as this may be related to the life of the luminaire.

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