How to modify the step light or the foot light? Where is the driver?

Small building, big effect

As a small building in the building, the stairs are relatively small in size and relatively simple in structure.

However, in many public buildings today, as well as in the home space, the stairs are often the focus of the design, which can play a good role in decorating the space. Sometimes, because the stairs are well designed, the minutes become the net red punch card. More and more designers are gradually designing the stairs as a kind of space decoration, and fully exert their imagination under the basic functions of satisfying their safety.

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The design of stair lighting is definitely a key point to show its safety and beauty. Therefore, when designing the stair light, it is necessary to fully consider the relationship between the staircase itself and the space around it, that is, the two factors of “inside and outside”.

Internal refers to the structure and construction of the stairs itself, the choice of materials, the steps of the stair steps and railings; the exterior refers to the characteristics of the space around it. Only when the two are considered together can they be perfectly combined.

Stair classification

As a connecting member between floors in a building, the staircase consists of successive steps, platforms and enclosures. It can be divided into two types : ordinary stairs and special stairs .

Ordinary stairs include: reinforced concrete stairs, steel stairs and wooden stairs, etc. Among them, reinforced concrete stairs have more advantages in structural rigidity, fire resistance, cost, construction, modeling, etc., and are most commonly used.

Special stairs include: safety ladders, fire ladders and escalators.

In addition, by space, it can be divided into indoor stairs and outdoor stairs.

Indoor stairs: mostly solid wood stairs, steel wood stairs, steel and glass, reinforced concrete, etc. or a variety of mixed materials. Among them, the solid wood staircase is the most widely used staircase in high-end residential buildings. The steel and glass mixed structure staircases are mostly in modern office areas, office buildings, shopping malls, exhibition halls, etc., and reinforced concrete stairs are widely used in various duplex buildings.

Outdoor stairs: Because of the natural factors such as wind and rain, it is not suitable for solid wood stairs, steel wood stairs, metal stairs, etc., reinforced concrete stairs, all kinds of stone stairs are the most common.


▲Stairs of various materials

How to do stair lighting?

What about lighting, like the most common concrete staircase in everyday life?


Stair step mounting light strip

I believe that many families, when they have not finished renovation, are mostly in the picture below.

In the case where the solid wall and the stairs are both concrete, it is recommended to install some light strips at the stair steps , and these light strips can be taken down or taken in.

However, the premise is: to add a stone plate or wooden board to the concrete, so that there will be an extended structure at the stair step to form the condition for the lamp belt.


If the steps are very bright stones or tiles, do not look down on the lights . If you look down, the ground stone is easy to form a specular reflection, causing reflection. Therefore, the lights should be taken in.

Do not leave too much space for the pedals. Many people want to make the lighting effect look better, say 5cm, 8cm out, if it is too long, it is easy to cripple. But it doesn’t work too much, and the light can only come out a little, very limited.

(PS prevents tripping toes, the distance between the nose of the stair and the kicking baffle is controlled below 20mm. In some special cases, such as the tread is too narrow, the principle of increasing the nose should also be controlled at 30mm)


Stair addition device

In the first method, the light strip is embedded in the condition of having a stone board or a wooden board, and the second type is by an external fitting method (step light) .

By means of stairs and external devices, that is, the above step lights, each with its own anti-slip strip, although it is an external device, it is actually a light, so pay attention to the wattage not to choose too large, because each step has a light band.


More stair lighting solutions

1 In addition to lighting design on the stair treads, we can also choose to handle on the handrails.

For example, let the entire armrest be in a bright state, or install a light strip under the armrest.


Or, drill holes under the armrests and insert the lights into the holes. The picture below shows a more standard approach seen in Australia.

▲ evening effect

▲ daytime effect

2 We can also choose to install two lights on both sides of the stairs, or hide things on the side of the stairs.

For example, you can open a slot on the side of the stairs and embed a whole piece of aluminum into it, thus ensuring the position of the light strip inside.Moreover, this method is both anti-glare and good in lighting effect, as long as there is a point of outlet.

3 There is another way to install the foot light. If you install a footlight, you can open a hole in the wall, the fixture chooses the embedded footlight with a relatively small thickness, and you can also use the exposed footlight.

▲Open hole embedding

▲ surface mounted


1 The foot light should not be too short. If it is too short, the illumination range is small.

2 Where it is easy to be blocked, consider the installation position of the foot light.

Where is the driver?

If the luminaire is low voltage, it must have a drive when it is connected to a high voltage of 220V. So, where is the drive?

In general, there is a hidden place like the corner of the stairs, which can be placed in the hidden corner of the corner.

But many times, there is no such hidden place on the ground. At this time, we can choose to put the drive on the ceiling, the low pressure line down.

Some people may ask: If the line of the low-voltage drive output is too long,will there be a voltage drop when connected to the lamp strip? To be honest, the line is next, about 3 meters, and the power of the foot light is not large, it will not have much impact.

Today’s practical science is here, there are more problems with stair lighting?Come, the message area is waiting for you to ask!