Don’t let the lights ruin your decoration, LED track light will change your life.

In order not to glare, the ceiling lamp has a soft cover. The light coming out in this way is more “meat”. Everything under the light looks miserable, and the advantages and disadvantages can be seen at a glance. Ceiling lamps are usually installed on the top of the middle of the house, lighting the white flowers on the ceiling, but the furniture items on the ground can not be seen clearly, especially the corners, and there is no light.

As people move around, shadows can easily obscure vision , making it more inconvenient. Taking into account the inertial thinking of most people, if there is no special point, the electrician will still wire the ceiling lamp.

If your home needs any lighting other than ceiling lights, please inform the construction team in time before starting work.

What generation is your home lighting?

At the earliest time, the lighting relied on old-style tungsten filament bulbs. The brightness was not high, the power consumption was still very hot, and there were many vignettes in the room.

Edison bulbs, which are suddenly popular now, are LED lights that look the same but are particularly energy efficient.

Restaurant shopping malls and homes have different light environments. Copying will not only be dazzling, but also return to the 1980s immediately after turning on the lights. However, because it has no lampshade at all, it is recommended not to exceed 5W power or 400lm brightness when installing at home, otherwise it will be very dazzling!

The chandelier with lampshade solves the problem of glare of the bulb. The light is focused in the center of the table, which not only makes the food more beautiful and looks more delicious, but also has a warm feeling of sitting around the campfire.

And if the table is too dark when eating, then it really is …

Then there are old-fashioned fluorescent tubes and ceiling lamps. A room is illuminated by a single light, which can only meet the needs of “illuminate the room”. But in fact, if you want to read or take things, the brightness is actually not enough.

Spotlights illuminate a single object with more focused light. If used well, the home will have the gorgeous feel of an art gallery or luxury store. The spotlight can indicate where to hit, and there is no dead corner to illuminate , the light is downward, hiding the ceiling in the dark, and also improving the height of the floor. The tough light brings rich changes in light and shadow. Not only does the home have a more dramatic feel on the stage, even selfies look better !

Spotlights can be inlaid in a ceiling or installed like ceiling lights.

But it would be miserable if it was directed at the human eye! Therefore, the light of the spotlight must be designed, and should not be directed at the human eye.

All these lights are the most commonly used ones.

But they all have a common disadvantage: once installed, the position can no longer be easily moved.

▲ Especially for embedded lamps, you need to make holes directly on the ceiling, and you can’t change it later.

Now there is a popular method to directly pull out the light line to change the position of the chandelier, but this requires higher floor height, and the ceiling will be cut by the light line.

All you need is a stick

Now there is a new lighting system that can save your home’s lighting! In fact, all you need is a stick that costs less than 20 yuan on Taobao.

The mystery of this stick is that there will be a conductive track inside, but the conductive track is hidden. It is not that nothing is dead and nothing is reached, and there is no safety problem.

But as soon as a certain track head was pushed in, it immediately powered on!

In other words, as long as you have this track head, push the light into the conductive track and it will turn on immediately!

Not limited to spotlights! Spotlights, chandeliers, decorative bulbs, and even ceiling lights are all at your disposal!

It is bright when plugged in, and black when unplugged. It is just a ceiling socket.

Of course, lamps may require transformers, so not everything can be spelled up by yourself. Still need professional installation.

I am not completely sure to buy the finished product directly. Do n’t think about buying ordinary lamps and rail heads for the master to help you install.

Not only can the track be powered, but also the charging head can be hung, and the ceiling of your home has been liberated. why? Because no matter what lamp, just poke up and you can hang! There is no need to punch holes in the ceiling at all, as long as there are track bars. If you feel that the light is not enough or the position is not suitable, you can replace it at any time.

So no matter how the furniture inside the house changes, the position of the lamp will always follow the furniture! What to do if the lights are not enough? Just buy another poke on the ceiling! What ceiling lamp is also installed! Can the ceiling lamp follow your furniture?

Track light installation precautions

The track system is universal for all brands. It is recommended to buy a brand of rails, which can be used for a long time and is a necessary investment in the early stage. Lamps can be bought cheaper at first, and later replaced. There are several fixed sizes of guide rails, which are not long enough to be connected.

There are also special connectors for right angles, T-shaped crosses and crosses.

As long as the guide rails are connected together with connectors, the lights hanging from above are all controlled by a switch.

If you don’t want one switch to control all the lights, you can also wire separately.

Rails are most commonly black and white. If you want to highlight the rails, you can use black. If you want to make the rails less prominent, you can use white.

If you feel uncomfortable, you can ceiling 6cm in the whole house, and insert the guide rail in the middle of the ceiling.

The track system is connected to the two sections of the rail, not in the middle.

In this way, spotlights can reach all corners of the home at a higher angle. Why emphasize the spotlight? The lighting collocation and atmosphere creation of big chain brands like H & M and Starbucks are all textbook-level, and the application of spotlights is very wide. If you feel that your home is bright and does not need to look as good as a store, then spotlights have advantages over ceiling lights in terms of power saving, brightness, life, and ease of use.


When the overall light in the room is not bright enough, you can also use spotlights to hit the wall or ceiling and reflect it to make the home light. Light is reflected and then reflected. As long as the light in the key area is bright, the light can illuminate the entire house by the reflected light, without the need for a main light.

Let the track lights ignite your happy life

Because the track light is very flexible, in addition to daily lighting, it can add more and more rich artistic flavor to your life.

Do you really want to install track lights? It should be! Because it is a new and beautiful thing, just like a smart phone will replace a flip phone, a flip phone will replace Big Brother, becoming a new trend is an inevitable event. If the home has not yet started to do hydropower, you can calculate the orbits that need a few meters in advance and tell the worker master at the beginning. After brushing the wall, you can buy and install it all at once!