LED linear light-application example of stadium

This example is an installation example of line lights in a school gymnasium.

The original lamps and lanterns of the school gymnasium exhibited a wide range of light decay after several years of use, and some lamps could not be lit, the brightness of the lighting was greatly reduced, resulting in low brightness and insufficient illumination in the gymnasium.

After the school bidding and comparison, the LED line lamp of Best Electronic Technology was finally selected to replace the original lamps.

Due to the high installation height and inconvenient maintenance of stadium lighting, Best Technology provides schools with high-efficiency, long-life, and maintenance-free LED linear lighting products. This lighting uses Philips original waterproof power supply, with a waterproof rating of IP20. The vertical power supply design ensures rapid heat dissipation of the power supply; the lamp body adopts an integrated die-casting aluminum alloy process to ensure rapid heat dissipation, while making the whole lamp reach the IP20 waterproof level. The LED chip adopts the Samsung SMD high-quality chip imported from South Korea and has a service life. Up to 50,000 hours or more.
Guangzhou Best Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Completion time: September 05, 2017