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Heshijia Building Materials is a company that integrates R&D, production and sales of plastic imitation wood construction, decoration materials, doors, curtains and other plastic products. In 2009, actor Chen Daoming was invited to endorse the company’s brand, and specially solicited building materials to promote the slogan. Adopted works will be published on CCTV, the Internet, print and other media, and the works are required to tell consumers what the “househouse” does, reflect the style of the househouse, and conform to Chen Daoming’s temperament.

After holding a solicitation activity, the editor specially selected some wonderful entries for display for tasting (for reference only):

1. Together, you will have a family and a world.

2. All are united, the elegant is the room, and the saint is the home.

3. A room in the house: He and Meimei, decorate my home,

4, the door of the house, one word is clear.

5. It is the best if it fits together.

6. A family, a beautiful home, my hope.

7. Live in the house, and be the master at home.

8. A united house, harmonious and comfortable my home.

9, a hundred years of good harmony, the family is prosperous.

10. A room in the house, the home in my mind.

11. Choose a co-house at home, a smart choice.

12. Walk into the house and choose fresh building materials.

13. Choose high-quality products and join the room.

14. The source of family joy is the decoration of the family room.

15. Heshijia: Guangdong famous brand, trustworthy.

16. Heshijia, a product that people can rest assured.

17. He family, Jingui royal family, Wanjiataifu.

18. There is always one suitable for you.

19. Heshijia wooden door, the door of my house.

20. Suitable home, our common home.

21. Wherever there is a home, there is you-a family with a room.

22. The wooden door of the united house is hers in my home.

23. Suitable home-to create a happy home for you.

24. Shared room, my home, everyone’s home.

25. Be a kind person and enter the house.

26. Be a man with heart, from a famous family.

27. In a family, the one that fits the house is the best.

28. Living together, the choice of tasteful life.

29. Heshijia, a powerful brand of home building materials.

30. A family with good taste.

31. Combine the room to create a suitable home.

32. It’s really suitable to install building materials in the house.

33. Shared house: my life, my home.

34. The united house is brilliant because of integration.

35. The wooden door of the house is safe and assured for your whole family.

36. Be solid inside and frugal outside, accumulate more and more.

37, a family home, a home for the common people.

38. It is suitable for every family.

39. Everyone in a small family-a family.

40. A united house, aspiring (ruling) the world.

41, a family, give you the feeling of home.

42. A room-friendly home-green, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

43. A suitable choice for a family house.

44. Family with a room-our intellectual choice.

45. Suitable home, my home is the most suitable.

46. ​​Combining house and building materials will give you a green mood.

47. We will build a suitable home for you wholeheartedly.

48. A healthy life also includes green.

49. Give back to the society and return your comfortable green home.

50. A family, the starting point of hope.

51. Family happiness, family reunion.

52. Heshijia wooden door, a big brand, my choice.

53. Share a room and find a warm home that suits you.

54. Believe in quality and choose a co-house.

55. The family house, wWw.jiNTang114.oRg I want the house.

56. To buy a home, the first choice is a combined house.

57. Choose a door? Choosing the door is the wooden door of Heshijia.

58. A family with a room, there is a warm and comfortable home with you.

59. One “he” is elegant, and the fittest is home.

60. A family with a room is really suitable for a home.

61. Shared room, green, energy-saving and environmentally friendly home.

62. A room-in-the-room home-decorate your luxury.

63. Together with the family, everything is prosperous.

64. Heshijia building materials are truly suitable for your home.


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