Commercial Supermarket Industry Slogan

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   Chapter 4: Quality Slogan Quality Slogan Encyclopedia

   1. A century-old plan, quality first.

   2. There is no best Bole, only a first-class battlefield.

  3. There is no strict teacher, no high apprentice; no strict control, it is difficult to produce high-quality products.

  4. Quality is the eternal theme of an enterprise. The market is the sea, the quality is the ship, and the brand is the sail. The quality of today, the market of tomorrow. Build a great wall of quality and prosper the Chinese economy.

   5. ISO9000—The source of efficiency and benefit.

  6. ​​Construct “Quality, Environment, Safety”-an integrated management system.

  7. Build a quality system with a quality culture to create attractive and soulful quality.

   8. Future success belongs to the century of quality leaders.

   9. The 21st century-the century of quality leaders.

  10. Casting brilliant, only quality.

  11. The quality of quality is more important than cost.

  12. Survive by quality, develop by quality, and benefit from quality.

   13. Survive by quality, and develop by reform.

  14. Qualified quality is the duty of society, and excellent quality is a contribution to society.

   15. Quality is a successful partner, and implementation of standards is the guarantee of quality.

   16. Say goodbye to the traditional yesterday and move towards a standardized future.

  17. Only by stepping into the orbit of international standards can there be room for unlimited extension.

   18. Users are the source of enterprise development.

  19. Face the crisis, increase confidence, work hard, and create greater glories.

  20. Enhance the sense of urgency, strengthen the sense of responsibility, strive to grab the market, and fight for a turnaround.

   29. Can go up and down, can come in and out, only use one’s ability. Change concepts, change styles, innovate mechanisms, and innovate situations. Inject life into the product, and the product will come alive in the market. Manufacturing must rely on low cost, and competition depends on high quality. Establish core values, and be good at learning, but also good at creating. Quality is the life. ] Quality-the key to business success. Xiongguan Mandao is really like iron, and now it has started from scratch. 25. Work hard to forge the business philosophy and make the corporate culture endless.

  30. Based on a new starting point, create a new situation.

  31. Endlessly, go further.

   32. What you pay today will be rewarded tomorrow.

   33. Build a quality levee to meet the challenges of the century.

  34. Let high-quality products ride the Huanyu Sail, out of Asia and into the world.

  35. Let Huanyu Fengfan carry high-quality products across the 21st century.

  36. Transcend today’s vision and expand the vision of the 21st century.

   37. Plant one millet in spring and harvest ten thousand seeds in autumn.

   38. Enter the world of quality and bring unlimited business opportunities.

  39. Quality exists in all places where human beings live.

  40. Quality—Bring you an invisible future and an indescribable excitement.

  41. Cross the ISO9000 porch and enter the 21st century hall.

  42. Go through the standard nine thousand, fly over two thousand.

  43. The spirit of the times interprets the national soul, and the spirit of quality builds the spirit of the times.

  44. Benefit comes from the return of serving the society.

  45. Quality is the life of an enterprise. In order to protect your life, please establish a quality assurance system for your enterprise.

  46. The market is like water, enterprises are like boats, quality is like rudder, and people are the helmsman.

  47. Customer reputation is the source of enterprise development.

  51. Benefit depends on quality, quality depends on technology, technology depends on talent, and talent depends on education. The quality of the product is the wings of expansion, the voyage is unlimited, and the brilliance has a long time. Innovation is the foundation, quality is life, pragmatism is the purpose, and efficiency is the goal. Quality first, reputation first, management-oriented, service-oriented.

  52. High-quality products are the golden key to open the market.

  53. Create more quality products and improve corporate image.

  54. High-quality products are a bridge to the world.

  55. High-quality products are the guarantee of winning market competition.

  56. Attach importance to product quality and strengthen corporate management.

  57. Quality is the guarantee of credibility, and credibility is the embodiment of quality.

  58. Reputation comes from quality, and quality comes from quality.

  59. Day after day, keep improving; year after year, the benefits are full.

  60. Guaranteeing quality is a commitment to society.

  61. Quality is the bottom-up foundation of an enterprise, but everyone needs to support it.

  62. Product quality is the cornerstone to the market and the key to win the trust of users.

  63. Persistently grasp the product quality, the enterprise will stand in a few places.

  64. Taking science and technology as the driving force, seeking quality by quality is the life of an enterprise, quality is the benefit of the enterprise, and quality is the driving force for the development of the enterprise. Survive by quality.

  65. Quality is the life of an enterprise, quality is the benefit of the enterprise, and quality is the driving force for the development of the enterprise. Quality is guaranteed by all employees.

  66. Improvement means reform, and reform first reforms the mind.

  75. The secret of business success lies in the persistence of the three qualities of talents, products and services. Good fighters seek out the situation and do not blame others, so they can choose the advantage of others. The shopping mall is like a battlefield, and quality is a pioneer. Quality control improves credibility and credibility expands sales. Manufacture sophisticated products and cultivate talents. Shape the corporate image and create a high-quality brand. Quality-the everlasting way to win. The quality is consistently marked and the image is certified. 71. Create a high-quality brand and cast a first-class corporate image.

  76. Excellent products and services are the achievements and pride of employees.

  77. Dude! Quality control is not a fantasy, but a starting job.

  78. The quality of the products is even thousands of families, which is very important to you and me.

  79. The product is like a flower, flourishing and relying on everyone.

  80. Quality is resources, and quality is money.

  81. There is no defect in product quality and no complaints from customer service.

  82. Eliminating all substandards is the basic requirement of quality assurance.

  83. Customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of an enterprise.

  84. Quality is life, service is purpose.

  85. All people emphasize quality, and quality benefits all people.

  86. Human beings live under the care of quality.

  87. Create attractive quality and create a loyal group.

  88. Injustice in quality is determined by the manufacturer, but also by the customer.

  89. Industry competition depends on products, and product competition depends on quality.

  90. Work hard to implement QCC, work will not be hard.

  91. The quality is flawed and it is difficult to move one inch.

  92. If products are to be flawless, comprehensive quality control is inevitable.

  93. Reasonable quality design is the first step in quality assurance.

  97. Everyone proposes innovation, and the cost is naturally reduced. The quality concept is well grasped, and the finished product is not troubled. Quality takes the lead and performance is far ahead. There is no end to improvement.

  98. Establish a career with precision and win with quality.

  99. The implementation of quality control begins with education and ends with education.

  100. Quality-the starting point of value and dignity.

  101. High-quality spirit, one mind.

  102. Work together to improve quality.

  103. Quality creates life, shelters life, and sustains survival.

  104. The colorful life world comes from the highest quality realm.

  105. Establish a high-quality spirit and construct a blueprint for the world.

  106. The quality is improved a little bit, and the work is much less risky.

  107. The quality is good, and there are fewer errors and omissions.

  108. Human ability is limited, and human effort is unlimited.

  109. Quality control is done by everyone, and good quality is assured.

  110. Persistence is the key to the effectiveness of implementation.

  111. Quality is manufactured, not tested.

  112. Don’t do it for small evil, don’t do it for small good.

  113. Clean and orderly is the guarantee of quality.

  117. If you know how to control, you can control everything. It should be said, said and done, and be effective. The requirements must be clear and the implementation must be firm. You have to pay for training, and you will pay more if you don’t.

  118. Use first-class talents to create first-class institutions.

  119. Quality—is the weight to gain trust, the key to success in competition, the endless pursuit, the starting point of value and dignity. 120. Pay attention to contracts, standardize operations, ensure quality, and promise credit.

  121. Build a road to quality and efficiency and create a business of quality and efficiency.

  122. Adhere to the principle of quality first and provide quality and satisfactory service.

  123. Customer satisfaction is our eternal aim. Provide first-class service to make customers completely satisfied.

  124. Deepen quality management and improve product quality.

  125. Keep improving, casting product quality.

  126. Quality-the best salesman.

  127. First-class quality comes from first-class management.

  128. Strive for perfection and cast a model of quality.

  129. Sell genuine products, mark the real price, and send the truth.

  130. The price of the same quality goods is not high, and the quality of the same price is better.

  131. Your taste, my quality, a good partner, you and I need it.

  132. Non-conforming products are not accepted, non-conforming products are not manufactured, and non-conforming products are not delivered.

  133. Full training, simultaneous improvement, innovation and progress.

  134. Quality is a step forward, and management takes great effort.

  135. Quality is the image and reputation of a company.

  136. Anxious about what users want, think about what users think, and work hard to improve product quality.

  137. To ensure quality, management cannot be less; if you want high quality, management must be better.

  138. Only excellent enterprises can produce high-quality products.

  139. There is no strict teacher, no high apprentice; no strict control, it is difficult to produce high-quality products.

  140. Be prepared for danger in times of time, improve the sense of responsibility, and persevere in product quality.

  144. Always stress quality and establish a view of life. The winner finds a way, the loser finds excuses. Organize the length carefully, and manage everything neatly. Management without measures is empty management, management without inspection and plan is empty management.

  145. Management begins with training and ends with training.

  146. Effective implementation of quality control requires full participation.

  147. Establishing standards is the first step in quality control.

  148. Maintain normal ones and correct abnormal ones.

  149. The implementation of 9000 must be done as soon as possible, and there will be less unnecessary waste.

  150. ISO9000 is not just a goal, but a principle to stick to.

  151. ISO9000 is not a slogan, but actual effort and cooperation of actions.

  152. Waiting is the source of failure, and action is the beginning of success.

  153. You think, I use my brain, it is hard to improve the problem.

  154. Safety, energy saving, high efficiency and high quality.

  155. Create a comfortable environment and improve work efficiency.

  156. Strengthen the sense of competition and build team spirit. There is no best Bole, only a first-class battlefield. 157. To be self-reliant in hardship, to strive for excellence with honor.

  158. Develop markets with technology, create benefits with management, and establish an image with service.

  159. Emphasize practical results, improve management; improve quality and create benefits.

  160. Customer standards come first, and strive for perfection.

  164. Carry out “5S” activities to form a good quality. Pursue excellence in quality and show the essence of the company. Unity, development, pragmatism, refinement. Pursue perfection.

  165. Accumulate bit by bit improvement and move towards perfect quality.

  166. High-quality irrigation creates the future.

  167. Forever, for a long time, and forever, the 9000 implementation has no end.

  168. 9000 The implementation is easy, and we work together to do things well.

  169. Everyone checks the quality, and the economic income can be doubled.

  170. To be effective, you must have high quality.

  171. The user is God, and the next process is the user.

  172. If you don’t work hard today, try to find a job tomorrow.

  173. A negligent one hundred people are busy, everyone is less troublesome in quality control.

  174. The homework is incorrect and the customer is affected.

  175. Everyone works hard to create good quality.

  176. Old question, small place

  177. For a good product, personal quality must be mentioned.

  178. Everyone does quality control, and good quality should be improved.

  179. Quality control is good for everyone, and good quality is assured.

  180. The company accepts the challenge of the market, and the employees accept the company’s choice.

  181. Remember the operating standards, and you can get rid of troubles if you take it lightly.

  182. Everyone has done a good job of quality control, and there will be fewer customer complaints.

  183. Quality plus efficiency, everyone works hard.

  184. If you see your eyes, your hands, and your heart, you can’t escape a bad one.

  185. I am afraid of not improving, not afraid of improving less.

  186. Sloppy is the biggest obstacle to the pursuit of quality.

  187. Strive for perfection, be methodical, and treat each other with sincerity.

  191. A century-old plan, quality first. Create quality first to satisfy customers. We create quality, quality meets customers, and customers patronize us. Careful and meticulous, high efficiency and low consumption, pursuit of perfection, customer satisfaction.

  192. Honesty is the basis, good quality, and high-quality service is well-known in the world.

  193. The inspection records must be reliable for statistical analysis to be effective.

  194. The self-inspection is well done, and the production is extremely smooth.

  195. Rationalization of operating standards and internationalization of quality assurance.

  196. Quality is connected to you, me and others, and the prosperity of the enterprise depends on everyone.

  197. Product batches can be identified and problems can be resolved.

  198. Cleaning the oil according to the standard, the equipment accuracy meets the standard.

  199. Concentrated work is the first priority, quality and safety are all taken care of.

  200. Do things right the first time to have the best quality and maximum benefit.

  201. There is no best, only better.

  202. There are procedures for everything, and everyone follows the procedures.

  203. Provide first-class service and establish first-class quality awareness.

  204. The quality awareness is strengthened early, and tomorrow will be better.

  205. Strict thinking, strict operation, strict inspection and serious verification.

  206. Everyone has expertise


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