Slogan of construction enterprises

Slogan of construction enterprises [Classic]

1. With you and my hands, build his nest of love.

2. Build the foundation with honesty and build the world with faith.

3. Gold medal quality, honesty and trustworthiness.

4. Everything is based on the goal.

5. Intentions never bound, quality builds the future.

6. Quality will never be bounded, build the future with heart.

7. Hengxin Lide, Senlei Construction.

8. Guangyu is strong and faithful.

9. Strengthen the roots and consolidate the foundation, and benefit from all directions.

10. Take root as the foundation and treat others with integrity.

11. Keep your feet on the ground and benefit the people.

12. Harmonious construction, build your peace.

13. High-quality construction, safety first.

14. The pursuit of excellence is endless.

15. Broad and profound, with far-reaching quality.

16. Be the first in the industry and be a century-old enterprise.

17. Honesty and Lixin, quality first.

18. Build glory and build the future.

19. Timeless quality and excellent service.

20. The wall “Lei” is strict and happiness is constructed.

21. Peace of mind is forever, quality builds the future.

22. High quality and strong quality make it brilliant.

23. Build with heart and live in the future.

24. Build a prosperous future with heart.

25. Mori’s environmental protection, an upright heart.

26. Senlei construction, quality first.

27. Quality and technology, forever.

28. The quality is [Sen] far, bright [Lei] falls.

29. Win-win cooperation and win-win team.

30. High quality, upright mind.

31. Competition and cooperation, mutual win-win.

32. Extend the grand plan and build the building steadily.

33. Building the foundation with integrity and building with quality.

34. Quality is face, but also lining.

35. Senlei cornerstone, quality is not lacking.

36, the heart is righteousness, morality is unshakable.

37. High quality, build the future.

38. Quality first, customer first.

39. Quality innovation, satisfy customers.

40. I would like to work harder to make customers 100% satisfied.

41. One more hard work and one responsibility.

42. One person works hard for Wanjiahuan.

43. Build trust and build the future.

44. Create quality with perseverance and welcome glory.

45. Keep your feet on the ground and work hard.

46. ​​Action creates a bumper harvest, and ability makes the future.

47. Build a pioneering enterprise and achieve advanced life.

48. Bright and upright character, the mind of the green forest.

49, foot wood foot stone, quality and quantity.

50. Build a highland of happiness and win the integrity index.

51. Build a wood environment and develop the spirit of stone.

52. Set the tide, build a great cause, establish a new style, and create a first-class.

53. Happy, diligent, refined and dedicated.

54. Seek knowledge and innovation, be dedicated to your responsibilities, be good at learning, and achieve high goals.

55. Only by building high quality can the world be established.

56. Practice innovation and pursue excellence.

57. Establish moral benchmarks and measure future standards.

58. Quality is a solid cornerstone.

59. Safety is responsibility, and quality is life.

60. Strict barriers, united efforts.

Slogan of Construction Enterprises [Selected]

1. Grasping development with confidence, and fighting corruption with a clear-cut stand.

2. Persist in unity and stability, and work together to do business.

3. I share honor and disgrace with the company, and the company develops with me.

4. We rely on the enterprise to survive, and the enterprise depends on us to develop.

5. Give me a chance and return you a miracle.

6. Today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today.

7. To love business is to love yourself.

8. Work hard, work hard, create quality projects, and build first-class power plants!

9. Create high-quality projects to accelerate the integration with international standards!

10. Create high-quality projects to return XX people!

11. Qianjia Zhonghua Project, a famous brand of the innovative century! (Waigaoqiao Project)

12. Build the best power plant in China and create a world-class brand! (Fuyang Project)

13. Return to the old battlefield and create glory again! (Pingwei Project)

14. Make every effort to do a good job in the power plant project, and strive to revitalize the economy of Anhui! (Other projects in the province)

15. Bring out a first-class team, create a first-class performance, show a first-class style!

16. Want market from quality and benefit from management.

17. Everyone loves their jobs and works hard, and the company is prosperous.

18. Earnestly study the “Three Represents” and practice the “Three Represents.”

19. With the “Three Represents” as the guideline, strive to cultivate the “Four Haves” workforce.

20. Seek survival, dedication, love and share the destiny of the company; seek development, forge ahead and create a new situation for the enterprise!

21. Build corporate image and create high-quality projects!

22. Warmly welcome leaders at all levels to visit our company to inspect and guide work!

23. Heartfelt thanks to all sectors of the society for their understanding, care and support for the power construction industry!

24. Create high-quality projects and show off the power of the iron army again!

25. A high starting point, strict requirements, quality, safety, promotion, and first-class!

26. Overcome difficulties, carefully construct, complete project construction tasks with high quality, safety and on time!

27. Quality is the life of an enterprise, and safety is the life of employees!

28. Everyone obeys the rules, everyone is safe!

29. Compliance is a guarantee of safety, violation of regulations is the bane of accidents!

30. You put in your hard work, sweat, and wisdom, and the project returns you with safety, quality and efficiency!

31. Safety is the biggest saving, accidents are the biggest waste!

32. Safe guarantee production, production must be safe!

33. Accidents are not difficult to prevent, the focus is on observing the rules!

34. Quality is the basis of safety, and safety is the prerequisite for production!

35. Focus on quality, ensure safety, promote efficiency, and create benefits!

36. Strict process discipline to ensure high-quality engineering!

37. Labor creates wealth, safety brings happiness!

38. One person guards one place, everyone guards it as a mountain!

39. Safety is a glorious flower for those who comply with the regulations, and accidents are a stigma for violators!

40. Quality first, ensuring safety, civilized construction, hard work!

41. Eliminate habitual illegal operations and firmly establish the idea of ​​safety first!

42. Establish the idea of ​​”the next process is the user” and emphasize professional ethics and professional responsibility!

43. The responsibility for safety is heavier than Mount Tai, and the safety alarm is always ringing.

44. Strengthen social security, combat criminal activities, and create a good construction environment for project construction!

45. Emphasize professional ethics, love your job, and build up corporate image!

46. ​​Give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members and complete all tasks in an all-round way.

47. Give full play to the role of young people and vigorously carry out the “Youth Civilization” activity!

48. Vigorously strengthen the construction of party style and clean government, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises.

49. Create excellence from management and build an image in construction!

50. Focus on project construction, carry out labor competition, and show off the style of the iron army again!

51. The cost is connected to you and me.

52. Find your position, fulfill your responsibilities, and establish your own image.

53. Learn to be advanced, find gaps, grasp management, and improve.

54. Surpass yourself, dedication and innovation.

55. Be honest and do things carefully.

56. Establish an external image to enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise; strengthen the quality internally to stimulate the innovation of employees.

57. The awareness of high-quality goods is in my heart, and high-quality projects are in my hands.

58. Careful planning, scientific management, loyalty to design and careful construction.

59. Survive by quality and promote development by reputation.

60. Safety is the life of an enterprise, and quality is the source of benefits.

61. Patriotism and law-abiding, courtesy and integrity, unity and friendliness, diligence and thrift, self-reliance, dedication and dedication.

62. Love the motherland, love the people, love labor, love science, and love socialism.

63. Be civil and courteous, help others, care for public property, protect the environment, and abide by laws and regulations.

64. Love and dedication, honesty and trustworthiness, fairness, service to the masses, and contribution to society.

65. Respect the old and love the young, equality between men and women, harmony between husband and wife, diligence and thrift, and unity of neighbors.

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