For a long time in the past, people’s lighting needs for homes were relatively simple, and often a ceiling or chandelier was installed in the center of the room to meet the lighting needs. There is also a customary decoration routine in which a chandelier is installed in the center of the main living room space, […]

Rail mounting method 1, ceiling mounted track lighting systems are placed against the ceiling, as if they were attached to the ceiling, called a ceiling mount. ▲ Ceiling mount (Figure source network) 2, embedded installation The ceiling is slotted, and the track and the luminaire are hidden deep into the trough to keep the ceiling […]

We all know that the heat dissipation of LED track lights is very important, but how to evaluate the heat dissipation of a lamp? Why do traditional light sources do not pay attention to heat dissipation, but in the LED era, so pay attention to heat dissipation? Because the traditional light source is not afraid […]

Welding affects the extinguishment of the lamp 1, improper use of welding methods Common welding methods can be divided into electric soldering iron welding, heating platform welding and reflow soldering, etc.: A, soldering iron welding is the most common, such as sample preparation, maintenance, because most existing manufacturers in order to save costs, the purchase […]

We are in the era of a hundred LED linear lighting applications, bulbs, panel lights, lamps, downlights, etc. each has their own “famous fans” in the corresponding application areas. For every company that focuses on the single product field, it is their unremitting pursuit to become the “single product champion” in this field. Some of them […]

Kitchen lighting First, let’s take a look at the lighting design of the kitchen. 1 Console In general, kitchen lighting is basically combined with overall lighting and local lighting, and local lighting is generally placed above the console. Due to the limitation of the shooting scene environment, it is not possible to directly mount the lamp […]

Small building, big effect As a small building in the building, the stairs are relatively small in size and relatively simple in structure. However, in many public buildings today, as well as in the home space, the stairs are often the focus of the design, which can play a good role in decorating the space. […]

1 Optical indicators of LED lamps and their physical meaning Used to evaluate the parameters related to light and light: Far-field optical index : usually refers to the optical characteristics of the illuminated area at a long distance, angular distribution characteristics and color distribution characteristics.    Near-field optical criteria : refers to the optical properties of LED lamps at […]

The track light has good performance in key lighting, and it is easy to disassemble, combine and move flexibly. This also makes the track light always the net red product of BEST. In recent years, due tothe rise of ” no main lampism ” , the living space has also begun to use a large […]

Market and brand The changes in the market environment are very obvious. Enterprises should reorient the market and services according to the changes in the overall environment and trends of the market, combined with their own business base and reinvestment capabilities. Unless there is an extreme situation, the changes in the market environment are not […]