The track light project this time is the Zeen clothing flagship store in Lahore, Pakistan. Zeen is a traditional clothing sub-brand under the Pakistani brand Cambridge. As an international brand that continues to innovate and pursue sustainable development, Cambridge attaches great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation. In 2018, Cambrdige approached us and requested to […]

Gales, founded in 1981, has developed rapidly for 30 years and has become the largest fashion brand in France. Best Electronic Technology successfully implemented the LED energy-saving renovation project for the group’s sales store in France on August 15, 2014. Best Electronic Technology has supplied nearly 30,000 indoor lighting LED track lights. The indoor lighting products […]

Guangzhou Best Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the Hong Kong Spring Lighting Fair from April 6th to 9th, 2018 and achieved a complete success. The new products and new technologies exhibited by Best Electronic Technology at Hong Kong International Lighting Fair once again brought surprises to new and old customers, demonstrating the company’s excellent […]

Following the Electronics Show, I went to another large-scale industry exhibition-Autumn Lighting Fair, which is also dominated by industry insiders. As an essential LED lamp for every commercial use, and as one of the most important members of Best lamps, it can be seen from the light show that the development direction is mainly energy-saving […]

Moscow International Light Fair-International Lighting and Technical Lighting Exhibition, supported by Light+Building, the world’s leading brand lighting exhibition, is the largest professional lighting exhibition in Russia and CIS countries. In this exhibition, Best brings brand-new products and functional lighting products to the lighting exhibition, and discusses, exchanges and shares new opportunities and development directions for […]

he annual lighting event-the 24th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, has a wonderful curtain call with applause. Compared with the crowds in previous years, this exhibition is still full of people, and there is an endless stream of people coming to the exhibition. In order to let customers know more about Best’s new products this year, […]

The lighting of stadiums is an important content of stadium design and is more complicated. It must not only meet the requirements of athletes for competition, but also meet the requirements of lighting color temperature, illuminance, and uniformity of illuminance. In addition, the lighting method needs to be closely matched with the overall plan and […]

Auchan Supermarket installed LED lighting in its new storefront to create a unique store environment. The new lighting system can be used flexibly and enhance the shopper experience, while helping stores reduce costs and improve operations. We can now show the best side of the product through various brightness. The line lamp system saves us equipment and […]

The one-piece is simple and elegant, in sharp contrast with the shelf below. Best-A01 system model 7000 lumens ultra-high brightness, illuminating every aisle. More important is the anti-glare lampshade design, which is soft and even light without glare, Make every consumer’s shopping experience comfortable and relaxing. Lighting design is the most overlooked part, But the […]