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Encyclopedia of company philosophy and slogans   A company must have the support of the corresponding philosophy in order to go for a long time. The following is the company’s slogan, I hope it will help you. Encyclopedia of company philosophy slogans 1. Users are the only reason for our existence; user needs are the source […]

Kitchen lighting First, let’s take a look at the lighting design of the kitchen. 1 Console In general, kitchen lighting is basically combined with overall lighting and local lighting, and local lighting is generally placed above the console. Due to the limitation of the shooting scene environment, it is not possible to directly mount the lamp […]

1 Optical indicators of LED lamps and their physical meaning Used to evaluate the parameters related to light and light: Far-field optical index : usually refers to the optical characteristics of the illuminated area at a long distance, angular distribution characteristics and color distribution characteristics.    Near-field optical criteria : refers to the optical properties of LED lamps at […]