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For a long time in the past, people’s lighting needs for homes were relatively simple, and often a ceiling or chandelier was installed in the center of the room to meet the lighting needs. There is also a customary decoration routine in which a chandelier is installed in the center of the main living room space, […]

Modern style, nowadays more and more popular, about the modern wind decoration features, give you a brief introduction, so that when you look at the case, there will be more sense of substitution. In the modern living room, the design is mainly simple and practical, so the lines are simple and the decorative elements are […]

As long as the shopping malls on the street need to display the goods, we can see the spotlights everywhere. As the key lighting in the lighting design, the lighting of the spotlights can highlight the role of the goods and enhance the expressiveness of the goods. More attractive to buy. There are many types of […]

From home decoration from hard to soft, the pursuit of a variety of styles seems to be that many people are willing to focus on their own home. Then, one day, if you want to do something like washing the wall, how should you start?MON0 1 Confirm the color of the home We all know that different […]

In today’s interior design, many people like to install decorative paintings on vacant sofa walls, without complicated layouts and at the same time decorating the entire space. Not only that, some designers in order to attract people’s attention to the decorative paintings, will install a guide light with a certain focus function outside the ceiling close […]