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LED linear Trunking System is easier to install faster than the lamp, and it is more energy efficient than ordinary linear lamps.
In the lighting project, it is simple, fast, practical, beautiful, saves trouble, reduces the total cost of the project, and has a good profit margin.
1. The light source bridge is wired in one, saving installation costs. When the lamp is shipped from the factory, the cable is preset in the track, and no manual route is required.
2, green energy saving, illumination assurance. Conventional 35/50W 1.5m 30/40W 1.2m light effect 160, consumers are spending money to buy light, under the same illumination conditions, more than 60% energy saving than the lamp, a 1.5m 35W lamp luminous flux than the double band cover 18W Still higher! Suitable for 3-10 meters of basic lighting.
3, a variety of optical lenses, angle optional, scientific lighting. 30/60/90/120 degrees/bilateral polarized/unilateral polarized light, scene selection light.
4, power design, conventional five-wire three-loop, lighting control is more reasonable. Support internal and external emergency, 1-10V dimming and other functions.