The lighting of stadiums is an important content of stadium design and is more complicated. It must not only meet the requirements of athletes for competition, but also meet the requirements of lighting color temperature, illuminance, and uniformity of illuminance. In addition, the lighting method needs to be closely matched with the overall plan and […]

The recently refitted Magnit will bring a unique experience, and customers like a warm and lively atmosphere. Best lighting color temperature and color rendering effect can ensure that the lighting of each department is of excellent quality, so as to attract customers and make an unforgettable impression. The store installs energy-efficient Best LED lighting throughout the […]

Auchan Supermarket installed LED lighting in its new storefront to create a unique store environment. The new lighting system can be used flexibly and enhance the shopper experience, while helping stores reduce costs and improve operations. We can now show the best side of the product through various brightness. The line lamp system saves us equipment and […]

The one-piece is simple and elegant, in sharp contrast with the shelf below. Best-A01 system model 7000 lumens ultra-high brightness, illuminating every aisle. More important is the anti-glare lampshade design, which is soft and even light without glare, Make every consumer’s shopping experience comfortable and relaxing. Lighting design is the most overlooked part, But the […]

In August 1996, China’s first Wal-Mart opened in Luohu District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. In general, Wal-Mart is a large-scale shopping mall of a well-known American multinational group. Wal-Mart has become one of the largest foreign large-scale shopping malls in China, with stores in 140 cities in 21 provinces and municipalities in China, such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, […]

This example is an installation example of line lights in a school gymnasium. The original lamps and lanterns of the school gymnasium exhibited a wide range of light decay after several years of use, and some lamps could not be lit, the brightness of the lighting was greatly reduced, resulting in low brightness and insufficient […]

With the rapid development of the Internet, traditional offline supermarket companies are facing huge challenges. Customers’ requirements for supermarkets are not only limited to shopping. In addition to providing products that people need, supermarkets must also create a suitable leisure atmosphere, so that customers will linger. Different lighting effects often give customers completely different psychological […]

The warehouse is undoubtedly a very important place for enterprises. The warehouse is not only responsible for storing products and goods, but also for the turnover of goods. Therefore, the operation efficiency of the warehouse and the inventory capacity of the warehouse will directly affect the operation of the enterprise. In the past, warehouse lighting […]

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In order not to glare, the ceiling lamp has a soft cover. The light coming out in this way is more “meat”. Everything under the light looks miserable, and the advantages and disadvantages can be seen at a glance. Ceiling lamps are usually installed on the top of the middle of the house, lighting the white flowers […]