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Since the photographic works on display are works with a larger width, there are no suitable lamps for the on-site lighting of the gallery to provide a wide light source for these works, so the works are easily affected by the staggered light spots of multiple track lights, plus the gallery floor It is a […]

The track light project this time is the Zeen clothing flagship store in Lahore, Pakistan. Zeen is a traditional clothing sub-brand under the Pakistani brand Cambridge. As an international brand that continues to innovate and pursue sustainable development, Cambridge attaches great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation. In 2018, Cambrdige approached us and requested to […]

Gales, founded in 1981, has developed rapidly for 30 years and has become the largest fashion brand in France. Best Electronic Technology successfully implemented the LED energy-saving renovation project for the group’s sales store in France on August 15, 2014. Best Electronic Technology has supplied nearly 30,000 indoor lighting LED track lights. The indoor lighting products […]