Lighting design, fashion life best adds splendor to zeen flagship store

The track light project this time is the Zeen clothing flagship store in Lahore, Pakistan. Zeen is a traditional clothing sub-brand under the Pakistani brand Cambridge. As an international brand that continues to innovate and pursue sustainable development, Cambridge attaches great importance to environmental protection and energy conservation.
In 2018, Cambrdige approached us and requested to design lighting schemes for their newly opened stores and replace the old lights, requesting products that can save energy and highlight key recommendations. The final plan of the lighting designer used Best BST-TL-B track lights and LED downlights, both of which are high luminous efficiency 100lm/W, high color rendering index 95Ra, and restore the most real colors of clothes. The angle is 15°, 24°. And 60°, so that the whole lighting effect is patchy and focused.
These Best products are made of recyclable materials, such as aluminum heat sinks, instead of plastic castings and lamp holders. LED bulbs have a longer life, which reduces retailers’ electricity bills and maintenance costs in the long run. A lot of spotlights are used throughout the store to highlight many unique and chic products. Best LED products are used for general lighting purposes, creating a warm and lively atmosphere.

Guangzhou Best Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Project location: Pakistan
Completion time: October 31, 2018