Slogan of the museum

1. Charm Museum, Happy World Tour.

2. Humanities Jiangnan, boasting of the past and present.

3. People who study the four books and five classics, and cultivate morality.

4. The Spring Beauty of Chinese Studies, Tianyi Scholars.

5. Walk into Nanbo, happy you and me.

6. Knowledgeable to help Jun Mingzhi, and dedication to help Zhiyuan.

7. Traditional culture spreads to China, and Chinese civilization will be passed on forever.

8. One pavilion in a century of wind and rain, a book collector who has experienced the vicissitudes of life.

9. The treasures of the country are really amazing. The six museums are gathered in Nanbo.

10. Understand historical facts and master life.

11. Inherit and carry forward civilization, and establish the world’s China.

12. Take history as a mirror and face the future.

13. The old man continues to be vigorous, and the old trees welcome the new glory.

14. Uphold the wisdom of ancestors and spread Chinese civilization.

15. Witness the history of Wuhan and perform modern legends.

16, Bogu and Tongjin, waving in the clouds.

17. One pavilion in a century of wind and rain, the bibliophile who has gone through the vicissitudes of life together Chengde.

18. Reappearing the century-old customs grand scene, exposing modern cultural customs.

19. People who lack history are foolish, and those who betray history are hateful.

20. Jianghan Pass of Heart and Dream, a museum of you and me.

21. Promote traditional culture and build a happy China.

22. The most reminiscent of humanistic beauty and the unique love of Nanbo.

23. A century of wind and rain, a pavilion of scholarly fragrance.

24. One hundred years of Jianghan Pass, an impression of Wuhan.

25. Tianyi Pavilion in the world, one in the book.

26. Learn traditional culture and be a contemporary wise man.

27. Introduce the old and bring forth the new.

28. Taste the culture of the ancient capital and meet the colorful Nanbo.

29. Thousands of books, one pavilion of heaven and earth.

30. Walk into Jianghan Pass and perceive Wuhan.

31. Carry forward the times and promote perseverance, and open peace for all generations.

32. Inherit and promote culture and achieve a better life.

33. To the US Nanbo and Lohas Nanbo.

34. Inherit ancient culture and shape new talents.

35. Culture lights up the heart, and a civilized and beautiful life.

36. Take a tour of Wuhan in one pass and a century-old museum.

37. The New South China Expo, one hospital and six halls, visitors from all over the world tasted together.

38. Humanities Green Capital, a century-old hospital.

39. Spread Eastern wisdom and share Chinese civilization.

40. Spread the way of sages, teach great achievements, and solve spiritual confusion.

41. Cultural Jiangsu, wonderful Nanbo.

42. Appreciate Jiangnan culture and appreciate natural beauty.

43. The ancient city of civilization, the charming New South China Expo.

44. Inherit the Chinese civilization and lead aspirations to self-cultivation.

45. Civilization gathers strength, and culture makes brilliant achievements.

46. ​​Forgetting history means being beaten.

47. Inherit the splendor of the North and the South, the Tianbao of the Imperial Museum.

48. Traveling from north to south, the ancients lead to the present.

49. Spread Eastern wisdom and taste Chinese culture.

50. Inherit the essence of a thousand years, and continue to learn for the past.

51. The ancient style and appearance of the ancient pavilion, the ancient charm of ancient books and the ancient fragrance.

52. The new scene of Nanbo, charming new Nanbo.

53. You are carrying memories and I am rejuvenating.

54. The river is connected to the world, and the museum welcomes the world.

55. History is the ladder and promoter of human growth.

56. The world’s ancient books, a collection of books.

57. To know Confucianism, Taoism and filial piety, look at Wenlin of the Academy.

58. Taste the rhyme of Wuhan history and comprehend Jianghan culture.

59. Mengqi Jianghan Pass, Xinbo Museum.

60. Spread the Chinese culture, link the past, the present and the future.


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