Best LED lighting reconstructs gallery light and shadow

Since the photographic works on display are works with a larger width, there are no suitable lamps for the on-site lighting of the gallery to provide a wide light source for these works, so the works are easily affected by the staggered light spots of multiple track lights, plus the gallery floor It is a reflective material, and the light from the track light is projected on the ground and then reflected and diffused into the space, which makes it impossible for the visual work to attract attention.

Best is here to experiment with light chasing this time. We use lighting simulation technology to reconstruct a virtual space similar to the gallery scale, and use extended light sources to project photographic works to see, control the light on the work itself, and avoid too much light Project to the floor. Best also tried to change the space’s ceiling/wall/floor materials, using the space tones commonly used in modern galleries, to take a look at the lighting and artwork. Different space tones will make people feel different. If you have an art gallery or a larger painting at home to achieve our simulated lighting effects, you can refer to the lighting information provided by the editor:
(1) Light color temperature: The color temperature is 3000K (yellow light) or 4000K (warm white light) depending on the target object
(2) Light distribution: Accent Lighting
(3) Type of lamp: track light
(4) Light angle: use extension Lens to make wide-angle light type
(5) Waterproof and dustproof: Waterproof is not considered, general indoor IP20 grade is enough
For track lights, Best recommends that you can use LED track light series track lights with extended lenses to achieve similar effects.