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The track light has good performance in key lighting, and it is easy to disassemble, combine and move flexibly. This also makes the track light always the net red product of BEST. In recent years, due tothe rise of ” no main lampism ” , the living space has also begun to use a large […]

Market and brand The changes in the market environment are very obvious. Enterprises should reorient the market and services according to the changes in the overall environment and trends of the market, combined with their own business base and reinvestment capabilities. Unless there is an extreme situation, the changes in the market environment are not […]

“Best Lighting” is one of the lighting brands under the company. The company is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the research, development, production, sales and service of LED lighting products. The feature set lighting industry slogan requires that the work can highlight the industry attributes, related to light and light art, and can highlight the characteristics of leading edge technology and technology leading, environmental protection, energy saving, low carbon and other LED lights; simple and easy…

There are many types of shops, such as clothing stores, luggage stores, and furniture stores.Different types of shops use different lighting methods. Basic lighting, decorative lighting, and functional lighting are all different. Further subdividing also requires some personalized lighting supplements according to different commercial places (catering, supermarkets, home stores, etc.). Due to the variety of […]

In some shops, museums, and exhibition halls, the guide rail is a very common device because of its convenient installation and flexible adjustment. However, there are many types of guide rails and usage. If you use the right ones, not only save money, but also save a lot of worry. ▲ This is a photo taken on […]

Talking about the lighting industry, I still like the consistent thinking in the past. I think: Any lighting practitioner, such as from top to bottom, from small to large to observe, understand, analyze, predict, judge the lighting industry’s past, present, two or three years later, and even the next few years, maybe There will be different opinions.

LED contemporary track light are one of the most important lighting fixtures in commercial lighting spaces. It has the characteristics of flexible installation, convenient adjustment, and light effect accumulation, so it can produce important key characterization effects. Perhaps this article can not be traced back to the earliest invented rail spotlights, but it can mainly introduce the history of the change of track lights in the past 10 years from the classification of light source types, and related application problems.

Modern style, nowadays more and more popular, about the modern wind decoration features, give you a brief introduction, so that when you look at the case, there will be more sense of substitution. In the modern living room, the design is mainly simple and practical, so the lines are simple and the decorative elements are […]