Track light focusing lighting design

In today’s interior design, many people like to install decorative paintings on vacant sofa walls, without complicated layouts and at the same time decorating the entire space. Not only that, some designers in order to attract people’s attention to the decorative paintings, will install a guide light with a certain focus function outside the ceiling close to the sofa wall.

Use the rail light as the source of illumination for the sofa wall. The decorative painting mounted on the sofa wall is almost illuminated by a greenery, bringing a different kind of vitality to the neutral space, and the smear of the light from the guide rail lights makes people’s sight Unable to move.

Multi-directional illumination of the track light The adjustable track head not only aligns the decorative picture, but also aligns with other areas of the space, which is the embodiment of the multi-directional illumination of the track light.

In the store management and product display, lighting can be said to play a very important role, but it is also the most easily overlooked place. If the lighting design fails, a boutique will look cheap.Successful lighting can attract customers and display items to give customers a deep first-view impression.

The role of clothing store layout and display

1 Enhance brand power and increase product added value  

Reasonable and effective layout and display can give the product a specific brand culture and image connotation, and deepen the consumer’s impression and trust on the brand, thereby increasing the added value of the product, enabling the company to obtain higher profits and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.

2 Create a good terminal image and enhance customer purchase desire  

If the good layout and display can be ingeniously matched with lighting, appliances, publicity materials, etc., the fiber, texture and characteristics of the product can be embodied and enhanced, and the customer’s desire to purchase can be enhanced, thereby increasing sales.

3 Maintain business reputation and establish corporate image

Good layout and display are conducive to maintaining the reputation of the business, enabling consumers to feel the product information in all directions, increase the impression of the product, and form a potential profit. At the same time, the image of the terminal storefront also represents the image of the entire enterprise from the side, the peacock opens, and consumers will remember it in mind, thus laying a good foundation for sustainable development.

a community of rationality and fashion

IG lighting case – Chuan Peng men’s clothing brand

The color of the brand’s men’s clothing should be mainly white and cool, so that it can get the high-end quality.

In the specific operation, the white light should be placed on the top layer of the top layer, and other decorative colors, preferably placed in the high-end atmosphere below or in the corner of the wall can naturally be baked out. For the layout of the light, the best position is a high-color track light every 1.2 meters. The light does not care much or less, and the characteristics of the lamp and the lighting method are used reasonably to create the light effect of the special brand color. This visual investment has a significant effect and cannot be ignored.

1. Store composition and merchandise display lighting method

2. Clothing lighting and implementation

The illumination is focused from both sides, and the illumination focus is the shoulder of the hanging or side-mounted top. Because the shoulder is the most ideal light-receiving surface, it is better for better performance and sales.

Home experience store

 IG lighting real case

Based on a variety of materials in the home store, there are leather, wood and stone, etc. The lighting has high index, uniform spot and anti-glare effect. It is used to depict the details and texture of the item, highlighting the quality and taste, and satisfying the comfort of the whole store. Vivid, soft and warm lighting atmosphere is created to ensure the integration and coordination of the lighting environment of the entire store.

At the same time, considering that the general store space is wide and the lighting space is huge, the focus is on the selection of skill lamps and scientific matching to reduce the project’s power consumption cost.

The lighting method of the experience pavilion is simple and regular, and the use of the side and vertical alternating lighting method, the 4000K color temperature corresponding to the environment meets the needs of space brightness, and at the same time gives the space a clear and warm and comfortable space. Atmosphere.

The importance of light for product display can be imagined. For the display of clothing stores, the role of light is not only to simply illuminate objects, to meet the visual needs of people, but also to create space, render the atmosphere, and pursue the perfect visual image. Asahi Lighting creates art with light and shadow.

 “The valuable jewelry is destined to be an accessory for fashion women, and in this era, luxury jewelry is being viewed and consumed calmly.” Sofia Roland, who can say such a calm words, can imagine, When I was young, I was so stungy that a gemstone necklace was stolen, and my heart hurt like a child.

As you approach the window of a jewelry store , you can see that all the lights are gathered on the jewels. The combination of lighting and jewellery makes the jewels more attractive, as is the track light of the commercial road.

The advantages of Shangdao LED COB guide light: no mercury, no ultraviolet light, long-term illumination of the product does not change color; high luminous efficiency, long life; not afraid of vibration can achieve intelligent control, energy saving and durable.

The track light series of Shangdao Lighting, although its appearance is ordinary, the lighting effect is combined with optics and aesthetics, which is energy-saving and beautiful. Satisfy customers.

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