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Illuminated people’s annual carnival event “Guangzhou Exhibition”, which lasted three and a half days, will be closed this afternoon. Perhaps it is due to inertia, and I have to write a few words. Simply ask: “The 2,345, the Guangzhou exhibition.”

One is the grand event of the main melody

The opening day is June 9th, on Sunday. How many people can illuminate people? Collectively work overtime in Zhangzhou. The organizers of this conference are both wise and hardworking, racking their brains, and working hard to form a distinct theme: thinking about lighting – attacking and defending. The use of “Sun Tzu’s Art of War” at the exhibition, I am afraid that the world is unparalleled, absolutely superb creativity. It feels like a video and logo of the offensive and defensive scenes in the field of progress. I thought that I accidentally entered the battlefield. It is no wonder that the exhibitors and visitors are all arrogant and arrogant!

Second, the exhibition has two major features.

One is the combination of exhibitions and forums. There are exhibitions on the exhibition, not unprecedented, but such a bold and creative forum, I am afraid it is also a Chinese characteristic. On the trails of the exhibition, there were several venues, and suddenly stood up and talked. After the simple opening ceremony, “Tang 11 has a contract” is the first to appear! Yao Mengming, who is like a fly, should come and talk. It is worthy of being Master Yao, the understanding of lighting is extremely profound, and the “golden sentence” in the laughter is frequent. Osram’s Han Min, implied and alert, smashed the orange storm of Osram. Ou’s Jinxin, thick and calm, seems to have a Buddhist gene, and has always emphasized the “freedom” of “beyond what you see.” If you look through the guide, there are as many as dozens of forums in the library. What kind of workload is this? (There should be applause here).

The second is the hot extension inside and outside the museum. The exhibition is like a “central city”, surrounded by city sub-centers. At the exhibition, more attention was paid to the fact that many associations, alliances, or platforms all took the wind and started a forum with many names but not the same. It extends from the surrounding to the ancient town and Foshan. Some of the contents are really good. For example, the trend analysis meeting of “Advanced Lighting and New LED Display” by experts, Zhao Yun and Xiaolan jointly held the “Landscape Lighting Opportunities and Challenges”, which have become highlights.

The third is the booth that has changed.

Become better

With the rapid advancement of society and the improvement of people’s aesthetics, our booth suddenly merged with “Westernization or Europeanization”. If we add the full English mark, we will mistakenly think that it is in Frankfurt. It is said that Rose Technology, its transparent screen format still makes you feel: the shock of beauty!

2. Become micro-innovated

Now look at the exhibition, you have to look at the second question and ask for advice. Because on the surface, it seems to be a thousand lights, in fact, the connotation is not vivid. For example, the red bulb lamp has micro-innovation and an intelligent temperature control chip, which can be preset. I said to the head of the general, Lin: Your light is really a long life light of the red century!

3. Become technical!

The level of streetlights by Gaoyou people is really high! In the streetlights, row out: Longteng, Chengxi, and modern. Long Huibin, the helm of Longteng, personally welcomes the public. It is no wonder that the company has done a good job. Cheng Hui’s Hao Huiding is also on the scene to explain the graphene on his street lamp, which can speed up heat dissipation and reduce heat by 20%. Yao Yi’s cockroaches always smiled and told me that a city’s 15 people have gone to the factory, and the big single is expected to be picked up!

Fourth, thinking questions worthy of attention

1, after the landscape lighting, will it fall off the cliff? A young designer asked weakly at the meeting. From July of this year, the engineering company can not be built, will it affect the order?

2. Where should the excitement and focus of the lighting companies under the smart city be? What is my cheese on the city or on the smart light pole? Cross-border always has boundaries, and it is necessary to grasp the strength of the enterprise itself.

3. Under the conditions of homogenization competition, where is my core competitiveness? Can you think about another dimension: Can you do dimming with lights? Can wired be made wireless? Do outdoor work in the eyes, do people-oriented office lighting! Can unidirectional lighting be fully illuminated? Combine natural light with artificial lights.

4, under the trade war, how to prepare for war? I have to think of the pot in the bowl. When the car is on the road, there must be a spare tire. Is there a trunk for you? The eyes should be inward, and more should be outward. The deficit of the “internal trade” should be balanced. This will only be “the West does not shine in the East.”

Five suggestions:

1. The big factory should take the lead in exhibiting. The international big factory, perhaps because of the localization of talents, also learns to be a “slippery yellow croaker”, doing “private ordering” in the surrounding hotels, taking advantage of the potential and saving money, what new products are released, and technology promotion. Domestic lead brothers tend to be “not heavy inside”, foreign exhibitions invest heavily, and domestic exhibitors are not exhibiting. It is also like a foreigner, and it is necessary to take the lead in the country. At this point, Mu Linsen and Zhou Ming still played the role of a coach, and they are similar in foreign countries. After all, this is China’s lighting exhibition. Listed companies and powerful companies should still show their faces and make a difference. Can not only show the style of the leader, but also enhance the brand’s popularity, why not?

2. The pioneers of cutting-edge technology should dare to make appearances. It’s not enough to do it. The gathering of elites is also very important. Light was published on the forum, and it was still on paper. It is better to get the show at the show, if you can become a “net red”, “show red” investors will come to the wind. Such as Micre, UV, LD, etc.

3. Cross-border big coffee should take the initiative to invite. Lighting +, + what, should invite more Internet big coffee to participate. 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, the connection between the Internet of Things and the world of light, there must be a marriage.

4. The internationalization of the exhibition is still an important issue. Can some of the practices of the Shanghai Expo be used for reference? It is also very meaningful for the exhibition to face the international big manufacturers, but also for foreign small and medium-sized enterprises, to let different countries, different skin colors, different cultures, and meet at the same exhibition.

5. Forums are not necessarily good things. First, they are at a loss. Second, they are diverted. Can we hold one or two high-level conferences on the “lighting and LED industry wind vane”? Specially selected several conference reports, combined with the “Shenzhen Award”, in one go, not perfect!

Liuliu Dashun will not start. All in all, this is an exhibition from manufacturing to creation. This is a big stage where everyone can be represented by a few stars to “I am a star, I am a highlight, I am a feature, I am a cloud”.

Finally, I hope that:

Guangzhou Exhibition, China Exhibition, World Exhibition! (Note: from micro-channel public number “Don 11” Author: Tang Guoqing)

A to Z of Guangya Exhibition

A – AI, Artificial Intelligence, or Architectural Lightings, or Ace, … Whether it’s artificial intelligence or architectural landscape, we all need our own Ace.

It’s always a bit different. It’s always a bit of a drop in the sky. It’s always a bit of a hindrance and a strategic reserve. Otherwise, you want to pre-research the department. What about the Strategy and Marketing departments?

B – Big datas, beyond your dream / bring your money / … “BEYOND” Beyond what you see (here the horses have to praise me) The Huang Jiaxuan and Beyond of our time, the Beyond Ilumination that the CSA Alliance has long advocated And then to the third generation of semiconductors, big data, new era…

Bigger and Bigger, Big opportunities, Big Era, big times, haha, Bohai laughs!

C – Current, Cree, Crazy? or Cloud? Centennial store GE born out of the Current, the gradual Cree Cree, constantly crazy about the price of Crazy: – 0.2x USD for SMD Bulb, – 0.33 / 0.66 USD The 40/60W is quite a filament light, – 3.99 USD 4W rail light… It’s a bit out of order and worthy.

To understand the value of yourself! This is not the Cloud “cloud” of the cloud platform cloud service, but the “cloud” of the clouds and fog in the clouds, not to be clouded, and finally I do not know what it is. Under the affirmation, we advocate a cloud of intelligent networking. That cloud cloud is the cloud of SaaS, software as a service.

D – Domestic Market brings the Tospo from Teyous to the country with international quality and returns to China. US Tariffs / Trade War … domestic projects: urban lighting, EMC / PPP, Domestic play, Wang Pazhi and export are different ~

E – en…, not Emmanuel, Excellent ALWAYS, E2835, E3 – 3014, E4 – 4014, E5 – 5630.

Ou Kee GL’s medium and low power, for Consumer type, point, line, surface light source, even for some Prof Lumin professional lamps, such as 0.5W 2835 in High Bay Linear, such as 0.5W 2835 in DLC Tube, JTLP… Please help me remember this model~

There is an ETi, Wang Zonghao, and even a Mo brother, I feel that it is not dead. From car to mobile phone flash, to TV backlight, to Mini-/Micro-LEDs, it is small and beautiful, very complete, very strong and tenacious, is the famous chief scientist of lighting. After all, Mo Shixiong’s ancestral home was Chongqing Hechuan, fishing city, and the people’s winds were strong, and Ning was not bent. Mongolia’s sweating Mengge was killed there. Otherwise, Chinese history and even world history may be changed… I think this, I intend to India’s EESL tender Can’t kill Mo Shi’s brother too much, otherwise…

F – Filaments, standard ceramic substrate, dual CCT, flexible / bendable… also said Full Spectrum full spectrum.

Full big ghost? Phosphor conversion itself is a continuum, blue light, yellow light, two main envelopes to do the convolution calculation relative proportion, add green powder, red powder NIR near infrared … on Full, it is all.

WTF! Leaving the dose to talk about toxicity, it is to hooligans and sell hoes! How many papers are FDA approvals? Getting a UVC/UVB is (⊙o⊙)啥? Breakthroughs… not very convincing.

Forward looking, Forseeing, Far field, Fair Play “Fei Prai” is worth remembering.

G – Game Change, how easy is it? Go ahead, and fight and go, holding stones across the river, white cats and black cats… Wang Tu Baye, in fact, on the road of life, this life is the most important, can only continue to experience and comprehend, it’s a Game though , it’s a Game! And this is what it is …

Another wants to talk about Game Theory, game theory and Win-win strategy, business, not just zero-sum games. We go up and down, yes. Thinking about cross-border is a good thing, grab someone else’s job, IoT smart city, smart home, the key is tenacity, enthusiasm and skill. Right time, Right Things ~

H – high power large wattage stadium lights, high pole lights. Whether using high-power chips such as the Square / P8 / P9, or the EMC 3030 (S5) or 5050 (S8). High lumens high lumens, high (power) density, high efficacy, high efficacy, etc. These “h” are fundamental.

You see that the record on the wall by the Maple Yongming is already 202 lm/W. It is 176 lm/W three years ago… You are the Heros, of course, the Horticulture plant growth lamp is obviously a hot spot. There are also HCL Human Centric Lighting people because of the lighting, health lighting, we must continue to pay attention to, improve and improve.

I – intelligent, integrated intelligence, integration. This is a big proposition. Master Yao and Han masters are actively preaching. After Diana Lu returns, there is also Keynote. Please come on! Dr. Song, Feng Daxia (Fang Dazhi) Xiamen Xie Zong (Zhilian ICT)… There are many domestic and foreign IC chip suppliers, look at you!

J – just do it, joy, joke, or joker? Xiong Da’s Dalko invited the prostitute platform, and there were many other catwalks in the exhibition. Why should China’s light industry and Chinese lighting be arrogant? Why are you fighting? Is it difficult for Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, or even Mexico, Eastern Europe, and the rush to steal our rice bowl?

In China, for China; in China, for the world! Just do it ~ I want to be a bit of a self-sufficient, more than a leisurely walk, and enjoy the journey ~ life is long…

K – keynote, key person, killer for XXX, Kingsun is an old friend! Mr. Huang, Zheng Zong, and Chen Zeng are very many years old. We have to make new friends, and we often have to remember old friends, warm up the group, advance and retreat, share the same difficulties, and enjoy the happiness. These words are not rough, I hope the market order is more The better! I hope that products and services will keep pace with the times! These are the keys …

Katerra, Cotya, and the two males attended the event. This Guangya exhibition (Wenbo, Yanbo, formerly Dage Electronics) is the bright red.

L – not Lumileds, not Luminus, but LumLux New York, high-power power supply, such as 2000/1200/1000W, the rising power of smart power, it is worthy of attention. Of course, Lawrence Lin is full of enthusiasm, leading LEDVANCE, pay attention, are L-generation, it is worth watching.

M-MLS, MTC, overcapacity is a common problem faced by many families. It is not only the mid-stream packaging factory, but also the upstream Sanan and Huacan. So business logic, positioning, and execution are all important. Looking at the mass market of Mass Market, where?

N – Ningbo Sunpu, here first mentions the “anecdote” of the banner that has been pulled up. The good exhibition, originally the golden hour of customer communication, the result scandal…

Ningbo area includes Ninghai and Cixi, plus Hangzhou, Xiaoshan, Huzhou, Wenzhou and Taizhou in southern Zhejiang, as well as Jinyun and Lishui. In the early years, Ningbo Liaoyuan and Yaotai have become famous. Meike, Huapu, Jingri, Kaiyao and other big flags, not to mention the sun, the state, compared to Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Guangzhou, Xiamen and other regions, Ningbo people Ningbo area people, Ningbo area, Zheshang is always Not inferior, but also to be higher on their own requirements, more self-discipline, more about the spirit of the contract, running, arrears, shut down and other negative news is not much, this awkward event is a wake-up.

O – obviously, it’s OSRAM OS, AM / IM / GL Ou Ji, more than a hundred years of Light is Osram, don’t Oh, my god ……

Less sighs, less red tape, change, enterprising, my generation needs hard work~

P – Penalty comes out and mixes, always to return. Feit / Kitchler / Candor / … so many buyers are there, concise, can’t walk on the edge of the red line! Otherwise, do you really want to check the Samsung LED? Which generations of factories are panicking? Not square? Don’t be afraid of small losses, the IP patent protection, you have to.

Q – Quality first ~ Quality first, not a CE, UL, DLC is finished, the devil in the details, from design to manufacturing, every link, this quality is really on the overall level, Chinese lighting is really reborn Going up to the next level, I firmly believe that one day, we will have more brands with the top brands in Europe, America and Japan, and we can properly compete. One of the foundations is quality.

R – Revolution, no, evolution… Now is the stage of industrial maturity, different ages, different stages, to do different things, please comment on them!

S – Speed, Scale, Service speed, scale, service, no longer repeat, this is the magic weapon for competition to win.

T – Technology, Tecnon, Trichromatic, Trade War (previously mentioned), Trade Show (Guangzhou exhibition itself has come to a more ambiguous and critical “watershed”, where industry maturity and integration are placed, slimming and change is a priority)

Technology, Tailong, three primary colors (Chen Chen) TriChromatic is unique, from ceramic high power to COB, in fact, intensive cultivation, there will always be gains.

U-Universal, universal, comprehensive, not UGR < 19, an indicator, not a five-year warranty, seven years, ten years, these figures, innovation, scale manufacturing, we have a big picture There must be long-term comprehensive considerations.

V – Value added, High CRI, Full Spectrum (previously mentioned), to be truly value added.

W – What? Why? The domestic and international markets are generally low. What is this for? Cycle law! Don’t think too much… fall and rise, ups and downs, and ups and downs.

X-X factors, X factors, many uncertain factors have an impact on the market outlook, Sino-US trade wars, other political situations, policies, and influences at home and abroad, let us watch, recharge, and rest.

Y-Yeelight, many years of old customers, Jiang Zong, Liu Zong, Kang total too many good friends, the earliest Cree XBD Colors, now Ou Kee’s P5/S5 … 2835, “MI” and many others. ..Forever Young … I hope that the technology company represented by Yeelight is invincible and constantly improving~

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