The design of light at home

Kitchen lighting

First, let’s take a look at the lighting design of the kitchen.


In general, kitchen lighting is basically combined with overall lighting and local lighting, and local lighting is generally placed above the console. Due to the limitation of the shooting scene environment, it is not possible to directly mount the lamp or the downlight here, but to adopt the method of chandelier and wall lamp, and to meet the basic operation requirements through the illumination of the ambient light.


For the domestic, some families are closed kitchens, and the ceiling center may only have a ceiling lamp. As a result, when working in the pool or the console, the lights will be blocked by the body, resulting in only black washing and cooking.

Thus, central kitchen in addition to a lamp used as a whole kitchen lighting, in the station for the mesa (cooking, vegetables, vegetable, etc.) should be  installed or small spot lights  for topical and accent lighting. Meanwhile, in order to perform a more detailed operation in the process of cooking, the material processing station recommendations have  300 – 500 lx  of illuminance.

▲ no improvement before the effect

▲ improved effect

Cabinet lighting

In “Wedding Diary”, we can find that the area of ​​the dish in the red circle looks dark. It is recommended to install a light bar or a light strip under the board.

The area where the dishes are placed in the picture above is placed in the country, which is the position of the cabinet (storage cabinet). In this place, we should pay attention to the fact that the color temperature of the cabinet lighting needs to match the surface material and style of the kitchen furniture.

In general, traditional classical cabinets are recommended to use warmer color temperature cabinet light strips, which is easy to form a retro flexible lighting feeling; while modern clean cabinet styles use neutral cold color temperature cabinet light strips will be more suitable, can create fashion Lively, it is easy to produce a jumping glow on metal and mirror materials.

▲ warmer color temperature gives a retro soft feeling

▲The cold color temperature gives the impression of modern fashion

In addition, when installing the kitchen lamp on the bottom of the hanging cabinet, it is best to choose a lamp with an acrylic cover, taking into account factors such as glare and cleaning. For some lighting for the interior of the cabinet, it is necessary to fully consider whether the luminaire will affect the switch of the cabinet door.

Bedroom lighting

In the figure below we can see that there are several problems with the bedroom lighting design here.

The color temperature of the lamps selected in the room is not uniform, and it is easy to form a sudden feeling in the space.

Therefore, please use the same color temperature in the bedroom . If you choose a warm color temperature, you can create a warm and relaxing atmosphere for the space. Of course, if you want cool color temperature, you can also pay attention to the color temperature .

2 In the picture below we can see that under the flat light is the place to sleep, and the flat light on the ceiling is very bright, still on the top of your head, which will make you feel very glaring.

Therefore, in this case, we recommend using low-level lighting to reduce the discomfort of the eyes. For example, add a light strip under the bed, or add some lights to the bed for illumination. In the case where only a part of the luminaire is litin the bedroom at night , the low light is added to make the space look warmer and make it easier to enter the relaxed state.

It should be noted here that the “three lows” of low-level illumination means: low color temperature + low illumination + low position.

3 In the position of the piano, it can be seen that the illumination on the keys is obviously insufficient, and the eyes are used in places where the illumination is insufficient for a long time, which is easy to cause eye fatigue and even myopia.

▲There is insufficient light on the piano

It is recommended to place a floor lamp next to the piano or put a table lamp on the piano to provide basic lighting.

▲ Place the floor lamp next to the piano

▲Place the lamp on the piano

Other area

In “New Year’s Diary”, due to the particularity of the house itself, the mounted lamps will be used relatively more. If the installation location is not good enough, it will easily give people a dense and disorderly feeling.

As can be seen in the figure below, the illuminance formed by the two lamps on the left is significantly higher than the illumination of the single lamp on the right. Due to the uneven distribution of the left and right lamps and the incorrect installation position, a sense of disharmony is caused.

It is recommended to change the position of the longer lamp in the lower left corner and the lamp in the lower right corner so that the height of the lights on both sides can be kept consistent and the illumination will be more reasonable.

Finally, in front of the mirror in the living room, the light is blown down from the top, which will cause the light to fall on the top of the head or back, and there will be backlighting. It is recommended to add other lighting fixtures on both sides of the mirror.

In normal life, mirror front lighting is also commonly used in bathrooms. In the bathroom, we can install the slender lighting fixtures on both sides of the mirror, which should be at least 600mm long. The lighting fixture on the upper part of the mirror should also be 600mm long to ensure that the sides of the face are illuminated while avoiding shadows under the chin.

▲The lamps are installed on both sides of the mirror

▲The luminaire is mounted above the mirror

There are probably so many embarrassing questions about “New Year’s Diary”. As a person who has ever eaten with Huishan and Anzai Xiong’s dog food, I feel a little sorry for the divorce news that they can’t catch up with. Here, I hope they can be well in the future. As ordinary people, we can also pay more attention to the lighting problems at home. After all, good lighting design can make us live more comfortable and feel more happy, so family life will be more harmonious.