Best LED linear lighting settled in Oman supermarket

With the rapid development of the Internet, traditional offline supermarket companies are facing huge challenges. Customers’ requirements for supermarkets are not only limited to shopping. In addition to providing products that people need, supermarkets must also create a suitable leisure atmosphere, so that customers will linger. Different lighting effects often give customers completely different psychological feelings, thereby affecting their shopping behavior. Supermarket lighting reflects the characteristics of products by attracting the eyes of customers, thereby providing visual marketing, so that people can feel the value of the displayed goods and enjoy the fun of shopping. In the supermarket, the role of light is to attract customers. Customers’ attention is more likely to be attracted to areas with good light effects and atmosphere. It has been proved that the better the light effects, the sales will continue to increase.

The Oman Supermarket fully adopted Best’s linear lighting lamps LLB, creating a warm lighting space with capable, concise lines and vertical and horizontal layouts. At the same time, it also added some fashionable elements with a certain decorative nature, creating a Pleasant and comfortable shopping environment.
Guangzhou Best Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Project location: Oman
Completion time: March 22, 2019