LED linear lights-warehouse application examples

The warehouse is undoubtedly a very important place for enterprises. The warehouse is not only responsible for storing products and goods, but also for the turnover of goods. Therefore, the operation efficiency of the warehouse and the inventory capacity of the warehouse will directly affect the operation of the enterprise.

In the past, warehouse lighting used traditional incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps or high-pressure sodium lamps, which had disadvantages such as low brightness, high power consumption, and short lifespan, which made the overall illuminance of the warehouse insufficient, the lamps and lanterns often required maintenance, and also allowed warehouse staff to work in dim and dangerous environments , Which seriously affects the work efficiency of warehouse personnel and warehouse operation efficiency.

Best electronic technology LED lamps, using internationally renowned brand PHILIPS original power supply, high-quality lamp beads, independent research and development design, with low power consumption, high brightness, long life, maintenance-free and other characteristics.

In order to improve the poor lighting environment and improve warehouse operation efficiency, the industry chooses Best Electronic Technology BST-LLA01 line lights to upgrade the warehouse lamps.

According to the calculations of warehouse operators, after upgrading to Best Electronic Technology LED lamps, more than 80% of electricity bills can be saved per month. The overall illumination of the warehouse has been improved, and the high color rendering of LED linear lamps has enabled staff to work in a bright environment. , It can clearly identify the environment status, reduce the chance of operation error, and greatly improve the work efficiency and warehouse operation efficiency.
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Completion time: September 05, 2019